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Julie McAulay BSc(Hons) CELTA Cert Hyp CS

I began my academic training with an honours degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Sheffield. I then went on to work in various fields from the care sector, to teaching, finance and sales before finding my passion back in the field of human science focussing on psychology. I decided to begin training as a psychotherapist, and it is whilst studying that I came across hypnotherapy. I loved the way by relaxing the body and mind, we can calm our brain waves and access our sub-conscious in an easy and nourishing way. I decided to set up my own practice and help those with issues and problems that can be helped enormously through altering our thought patterns and thinking styles, by using this deeply relaxing yet energising process. I deeply believe in the power of hypnotherapy and the results it can yield for a person who wants change. 

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Julie McAulay Hypnotherapy EMAIL: julie@juliemcaulayhypnotherapy.com

If  you would like to speak  to me give me a ring and if I'm not available due to being in session I will strive to return your call as soon as possible  Telephone: 07838275149