Hypnotherapy Treatments


What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a process of using the body's own natural relaxation methods to slow our brain waves, which can increase concentration and improve responsiveness to positive suggestions. Every course of treatment I design specifically for each client, tailoring the relaxation to their personality and making the hypnotic suggestions bespoke to them. Hypnotherapy can be used to help with a range of issues and by accessing thought patterns and beliefs a person can make the changes in their life that  they want in a nurturing and productive way.

My Services

Smoking Cessation


Do you want to stop smoking? Have you cut back but are still struggling to stop? Hypnotherapy can be very effective in this process, if someone wants to stop it can help them to overcome those barriers and increase their motivation.

Weight Loss and Exercise Motivation


Are you struggling with your weight? Do you lack confidence in exercise or need motivation? Hypnotherapy can assist in your goals and in making the decisions and changes you want to make.

Confidence and Assertiveness


Driving test, job Interview, sporting event? Hypnotherapy can be helpful in increasing confidence and assertiveness in a person’s general life and it can be tailored towards achieving a specific goal.

Anxiety and Phobias


General anxiety, birds, planes, sand? Is that fear of flying stopping you from taking that dream holiday? Anxiety and phobias can manifest in many forms and can often be improved or even removed by a course of hypnotherapy. 

Unwanted Behaviours


Nail biting, hair chewing or pulling and thumb sucking can all be behaviours that remain from a time you may not even remember. Hypnotherapy could assist in helping you reduce or even stop those unwanted behaviours.

Relaxation and Insomnia


Do you lack energy? Struggle sleeping or want a more energised resting feeling when you wake? Hypnotherapy can help to teach you new ways of relaxing and help your body to enter deep relaxation in a modern society that requires us to be constantly ready and on top of our game.